1-Click for Anything


In the course of normal business for professional association and member organisations there are numerous and regular ‘calls to action’ made to members.

This can include:

  • Events - registration, join a webinar, confirm attendance, provide feedback
  • Membership – join, renew, complete a survey, join a group, comment
  • Fundraising – donate, upgrade a regular gift, pledge, volunteer
  • Other - call for submissions, express an interest, vote,

Doing this with 1-click (without a login) from an email or SMS is clearly the best member experience and maximises engagement success.

The Goal

Create an environment where members could perform any transaction by responding to a direct invitation, without needing to remember their personal login.

The Outcome

With 3DN 1-Click, you can send members a personalised URL that enables them to complete any ‘call for action’ without any need to login. No more barriers, no more calls - just quick online transactions and happy members. Combined with our onsite behaviour tracking data, the 3DN 1-click enables your members to be presented with seamless personalised fast satisfying engagement. With the 3DN 1-click your membership team can send any ‘call for action’ to your members, knowing it can be acted on fast and securely.