QLS found themselves with a CMS that was difficult to manage, at the end of its life running on an unsupported platform. Their site was expensive to maintain and update due to the specialised knowledge and numerous quirks.

The Goal

Beyond implementing a new content management platform on a supported and current technology, the society was looking for easier and quicker ways to manage their content. They needed to support government-mandated requirements for meta-data on their site while also implementing a new design. They also needed to fully support their legacy member portal while looking to the future for its replacement and making sure key business systems weren't isolated.

The Challenges

Like many website projects, QLS struggled with content migration and re-architecture and worked through multiple design iterations. More importantly, a few deficiencies in the product had to be dealt with around URL management, and they wanted to leverage their investment in dedicated search technology on the new site.

The Solution

The society selected Kentico 12 for their platform, which was implemented using an MVC architecture. This layered approach ensured integration to existing business systems while supporting new systems being planned. A series of custom widgets were developed to support flexible and dynamic content layouts, and some custom development was completed to ensure that the site leveraged the Funnelback indexing system that QLS was already using.

The Outcome

QLS now have a high performing site with extensive meta-data management options supporting not only their government requirements but increasing their search engine optimisation. They can easily build new layouts with more than a dozen custom widgets for things image galleries, calls to action and forms integration. Finally, the search on the is second to none in terms of performance and flexibility.