Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

The voice of general practitioners


The College's mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in Australia by supporting GPs, general practice registrars and medical students through its principal activities of education, training and research and by assessing doctors' skills and knowledge, supplying ongoing professional development activities, developing resources and guidelines, helping GPs with issues that affect their practice, and developing standards that general practices use to ensure high quality healthcare.

The Goal

To enable the College to continue to grow the online services provided to members and support a large and diverse internal team in the delivery of those online technologies and services

The Challenges

Change within RACGP is fast and a large member based demands robust, up to the minute online services. RACGP could no longer meet their needs through the al-in-one IMIS solution and needed the specialist tools provided by a best of breed website content management platform.

The Solution

3DN initially provided the Compass Web Services to RACGP for their development team to connect and utilise the vast array of member information stored in IMIS and provide the integrated services managed by IMIS Then, when they reached the point of needing even further options, they moved their website to Kentico and made use of the 3DN integration suite available in Kentico.

The Outcome

The development team were able to be up and running, connected to IMIS with only 3 days support over the life of their project. The migration to Kentico was completely seamless and the team has the ability to leverage services in both Kentico and Umbraco concurrently, allowing for an easy migration.