An effective, efficient and innovative regulator of legal services


LPBWA has statutory responsibility for the regulation of all legal practitioners in the State of Western Australia. This includes regulating the issue of practising certificates.

The Goal

Delivery of a website that is easy for staff maintain whilst accessible to the public and practitioners alike. Enriched communication with practitioners.

The Challenges

Transforming the manual paper based processing of practising certificates to online self service. Allowing form representatives to track progress of each application and pay in bulk for their practitioners. Giving the public real time access to search to confirm which practitioners have been admitted by the Supreme Court and find those that are certificated according to a complex set of rules.

The Solution

Implementation of a Kentico website that is easy to administer and produce structured content. Integration to the iMIS AMS allowing roles, authentication, real time search and certificate processing capabilities. Implementation of the Howler messaging suite for simple, professional, accountable communications with practitioners.

The Outcome

Staff now spend less time on processing renewals and more time servicing the profession and the public. Money is saved on website maintenance tasks that used to be outsourced but can now be performed internally. The public can research online, resulting in fewer casual queries to the Board.