Improving the use of pathology testing to achieve better healthcare


The RCPA is the leading organisation representing Pathologists and Senior Scientists in Australasia. Pathology Update is the college's biggest annual conference involving many optional registration items and streams.

The Goal

To implement an online registration system to ensure that each member was able to complete the registration themselves, get the right price and choose the options applicable to their conference attendance.

The Challenges

The college needed to ensure that dependancy between different optional items was supported in addition to being able to implement future conference registration options themselves (rather than relying on an external vendor). As an example a "Whole Event" ticket included dinner however a "Day 1 Only" ticket had dinner optional for a fee.

The Solution

The college implemented deep integration into their AMS, iMIS, allowing staff to build various options as part of the registration process and enforce dependancy between them. This automatically translated to a seamless online registration experience for members to register themselves for the conference.

The Outcome

The college is now able to support any number of optional items and pricing configuration themselves with no development required by themselves or external vendors.

I understand that the RCPA’s was the largest and most complex Kentico site that 3DN has tackled, and it grew larger and more complicated as the development work progressed. The 3DN team, in particular the project manager, Sean, worked closely with in-house staff, and went well beyond what could have been reasonably expected as the non-negotiable deadline for going live approached. The site was delivered with very few problems

Peter Youll
IT Manager